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Karl Wallmyr is a trumpeter and composer raised in Karlstad and currently residing in Stockholm. After studying at the Royal College of Music, he has performed throughout Sweden with various ensembles, but the main focus has always been on his main project. Autumn 2023, Karl released his second album under his own name, "Serendippo," which, in line with his previous release, blends jazz with influences from folk music and classical music.

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Älgå Kyrka, Arvika, 30/6
- With Närproducerat

Mariebergsskogen, Karlstad, 21/6
- With Joakim Brunström

Wiraspelen, Åkersberga, 6-14/7
- With Wirabandet

Lohärads Kyrka, Norrtälje, 25/7
- With Karl Wallmyr Kvartett

Kvarteret Almen, Karlstad, 27/7

Norrstrandskyrkan, Karlstad, 1/8
- With Närproducerat

Silleruds kyrka, Årjäng, 4/8
- With Karl Wallmyr trio

Covergig, Stockholm, 31/8
- With Soul Explosion

Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm Jazz Festival, 15/10
- With Karl Wallmyr

Öbacka Jazz&Blues, Härnösand, 16/10
- With Karl Wallmyr 

Glenn Miller café, Stockholm, 9/11
- With Karl Wallmyr


Roschier, Stockholm, 31/5

Nationaldagsfirande, Salem, 6/6

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm 8/6

Erlands bar, Stockholm, 10/6

Rosendals Trädgård, 18/6

Tyge & Sessil Stockholm, 22/6

Älgå Kyrka, Arvika, 28/6

Födelsedagsfest, Nyköping, 1/7

Wiraspelen, Åkersberga, 7-16/7

Slusswakten, Karlstad, 26/7

Hammarö Kyrka, Hammarö, 27/7

Stadsträdgården, Karlstad, 28/7

Reimersholme Hotell, Stockholm, 1/8

Dalarö Kyrka, Dalarö, 2/8

Holmedals Kyrka, Holmedal, 3/8

Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, 25/8

Allsköns Musik, Årjäng, 27/8

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm, 31/8

Upplands bro, Stockholm, 14/9

Erlands Café, Stockholm, 16/9

Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm, 28/9

Mindre kyrka ute på landet, 14/10

Källarbyn, Stockholm, 15/10

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 17/10

Omnikvariatet, Uppsala, 19/10

Timmermansgården, Stockholm, 21/10

 Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm, 31/10

Omnikvariatet, Uppsala, 9/11

Hotel at six, Stockholm, 18/11

Erlands, Stockholm, 1/12

Arsenalgatan, Stockolm, 2/12

Dalagatan, Stockholm, 4/12

Hammarö Kyrka, 7/12

Älvsbacka Kyrka, Karlstad, 10/12

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm, 21/12

Millesvik Kyrka, Säffle, 26/12

Acksjöns Kapell, Karlstad, 27/12

Holmedals Kyrka, Holmedal, 28/12

Hotel at six, Stockholm, 27/1

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm, 8/2

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm, 22/2

Spånga Träffpunkten, Stockholm,12/3

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm, 21/3

Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, 12/4

Dryck, Stockholm, 13/4

Ktvå UJC, Uppsala, 17/4

Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm, 18/4

Dryck, Stockholm, 11/5

Fasching, Stockholm, 16/5

Källarbyn, Stockholm, 18/5

Jose Gonzalez Orionteatern, Stockholm, 25/5

Nationaldagsfirande, Salem, 6/6






The song "Xavier" at Rönnells Antikvariat, Autumn 2023. Karl Wallmyr, Trumpet, Per Wallmyr, Alto Saxophone, Nils Berg, Tenor Saxophone, Max Agnas, Piano, Mauritz, Double Bass 

The song "Midsommar" at Reimersholme Hotel, Autumn 2020. Karl Wallmyr, Trumpet, Per Wallmyr, Alto Saxophone, Nils Berg, Tenor Saxophone, Johan Graden, Piano, Mauritz, Double Bass.

The song "Heroes III" at Glenn Miller Café, Autumn 2021. Karl Wallmyr, Trumpet, Per Wallmyr, Alto Saxophone, Nils Berg, Tenor Saxophone, Max Agnas, Piano, Mauritz, Double Bass.


Karl Wallmyr
+46 73 057 86 64